Friday, January 26, 2018


On the morning of 31 January there is a Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon. It is a Super Moon because the Moon is at perigee or closest to the Earth. It is a Blue Moon since it is by latest definition* the second Full Moon in a Month. It is called a Blood Moon since during lunar eclipse the red light is refracted in the passing of the Earth and its magnetic filed toward the center of the Earth's shadow or the Umbra. It will actually be a partial eclipse here due to the time of the eclipse. 4:51am Moon moves into the outer Earth Shadow or Penumbra. 5:48am Moon moves into the inner Earth Shadow or Umbra 6:51am Moon is completely in the Umbra and Moon starts to turn red. 7:11am Moon SETS! 7:13am SUN RISES 7:14am Maximum Total Eclipse BELOW THE HORIZON!!!! See the map attached to further explain this. See the link below to see an animation of the event.

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