Monday, August 28, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Hopkinsville KY 21 August 2017

First two things: 1. There were very high thin Cirrus clouds in the area of the Sun. It can be seen in the Totality photo. 2. I used a Solar material filter that was not glass encased and was not flat in all points. So-

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Solar Eclipse Viewing

Members of the Astronomical Society of East Texas will participate in the Total (actually a partial eclipse) Solar Eclipse viewing at Tyler's Discovery Science Place on Monday August 21st. The Starting time is 10am (but come early) until about 3pm. The Maximum amount of the Sun covered by the Moon is 80% at about 1:13pm. Tyler Discovery Science Place is located at 308 N. Broadway Ave. in Tyler Texas just north of the downtown square. Phone 903-533-8011. WARNING!! DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN OR ECLIPSEE WITHOUT EYE PROTECTION. EYE DAMAGE AND BLINDNESS COULD OCCUR. SUNGLASSES ARE NOT SAFE! WELDERS LENSES MUST BE SHADE 14+.

Perseids Meteor Shower and Star Party CANCELLED!!!!

THE PERSEIDS METEOR SHOWER AT THE MINEOLA NATURE PRESERVE IS CANCELLED!!! DUE TO THUNDERSTORM BUILDING IN THE AREA AND THE OUTFLOW AIR CREATING MORE FROM 6-9PM, AND THAT HEAVY LIGHTNING IS ASSOCIATED WITH THESE STROMS. THE PERSEIDS METEOR SHOWER STAR PARTY IS CANCELLED. WE WILL TO DO ANOTHER IN THE FALL. The Mineola Nature Preserve in conjunction with The Astronomical Society of East Texas will present a Perseid Meteor Shower Viewing and Star Party at the Mineola Nature Preserve on Saturday, Aug. 12th. This is a free program and everyone is invited. The activity begins about 5:30 PM with Sunspot viewing until sunset and telescope viewing begins at twilight and will end after midnight+. The location will be the East Parking Lot, above the pavilion, so please park in the West Parking Lot. The International Space Station will do a flyover just after 9pm. Please bring a blanket or lawn chairs. A reclining lawn chair works the best. Binoculars or your telescope are welcome. This is a weather permitting program. In the event of inclement weather or cloud cover, the program will be postponed or cancelled. A “CANCELLED” notice will be posted in the “Calendar” page of the Society’s website: on the date, on the Society’s Face Book page: Astronomical Society of East Texas, a sign will be posted at the Preserve entrance and an announcement will be aired by radio station KMOO 99.9 Mineola by about 5pm. Please keep an eye on the weather and dress appropriately for it. We have had significant amounts of rain lately, so wear clothing to ward off the mosquitoes. If you bring mosquito repellant, do not bring aerosols or candle repellant; use wipes instead. For more information on this event and the Society, contact us at or text to 903-520-7338.