Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Solar Eclipse Viewing

Members of the Astronomical Society of East Texas will participate in the Total (actually a partial eclipse) Solar Eclipse viewing at Tyler's Discovery Science Place on Monday August 21st. The Starting time is 10am (but come early) until about 3pm. The Maximum amount of the Sun covered by the Moon is 80% at about 1:13pm. Tyler Discovery Science Place is located at 308 N. Broadway Ave. in Tyler Texas just north of the downtown square. Phone 903-533-8011. WARNING!! DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN OR ECLIPSEE WITHOUT EYE PROTECTION. EYE DAMAGE AND BLINDNESS COULD OCCUR. SUNGLASSES ARE NOT SAFE! WELDERS LENSES MUST BE SHADE 14+.


  1. That's so cute that these little munchkins are so excited to witness the eclipse by their own.When I was a kid I also used to get excited like that.

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