Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer 2017 Quarterly Meeting Astronomical Society of East Texas

SUMMER 2017 MEETING OF ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF EAST TEXAS The summer quarterly meeting of the Astronomical Society of East Texas will be held 28 July 2017 on the campus of Tyler Junior College in room 227 of the Genecov Science building located just south of the corner of E. Lake St. and S. Mahon Ave. starting at 7pm. A presentation on the Total Solar Eclipse, next month, will be given. Plans for a public viewing of the eclipse will be discussed, also. Anyone have an interest in the Society or the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse are invited to attend. Parking will be in Parking Lot F-5 just south of E. Lake and S. Mahon. Use the parking lot level entrance on the NE corner of Genecov. Go up two flight of stairs and straight ahead to Room 227(Next to last door on your right.). For more information, call or text 903-520-7338 or email to info@asetexas.com . Additional information may be available on our website: www.asetexas.org or on our Facebook page-Astronomical Society of East Texas.


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