Saturday, September 27, 2014

Laser Show at the Planetarium - Tonight!

Center for Earth & Space Science Education
September 2014
Are you ready to rock?! Well the Center for Earth and Space Science Education is proud to announce that we will be hosting laser shows in our dome this weekend for the first time in our history! We will have a show featuring music by the Beatles, U2, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. Tickets are only 5$ per show, but they are limited so buy them before they sell out! For more information check out our website or call us at903-510-2312.

What: Laser Shows
When: Friday, September 26 and Saturday, September 27 7:00-10:00
Where: The Center for Earth & Space Science Education at TJC (1411 E. Lake Street, Tyler, TX)
Cost: 5$ per show
Tom Hooten
Center for Earth & Space Science Education


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