Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Astronomer

"The Astronomer" from Phil Garrett on Vimeo.

I really liked this.  It captures just a little bit of the wonder we feel when we take the time to look up. :)

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  1. Hello Robert,

    Thank you for posting The Astronomer! I'm glad to hear you like it. I am planning a more thorough short documentary (10-20 mins.) about Prof. Burns, his work and science/philosophy, Perkins Observatory, etc. His passion is infectious. This film is part of a larger project called "All Things Shining", a science fiction play/live cinema experience. It is a science fiction tale about an astronaut stuck in orbit around Mars, and it is full of homage to all of those "lone spaceman" films such as 2001, Silent Running, Moon, Love, et al. If you're interested, you can see more material at this address:

    Thanks again for posting the film here!

    -Phil Garrett